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    Today's featured book: Coached

    "Fizzy and fun."
    -Jacquelyn Mitchard, best-selling author

    Coached is the story of Rowen, who is discovering
    that her twenties are not the fun and glamorous time
    she was expecting. With her dead end job and frumpy
    wardrobe, her future looks bleak. Abandoned by her
    boyfriend, Rowen finds herself sitting alone in her
    apartment, with only her collection of bunny figurines
    and dog Polky to keep her company.

    When she sees an advertisement in her local newspaper
    for some tough love life-coaching by the sophisticated
    and stylish Ms. Crystal Class, it looks like the answer to all Rowen's problems. Crystal is
    successful and sophisticated, stylish and wise. It seems she is everything Rowen is not. With
    a little help from Crystal, perhaps Rowen can evolve into someone better than she ever
    dreamed she could be. But it's not going to be easy!
Holly Tierney-Bedord
Writer of thrillers, romantic comedies, and young adult novels

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